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Welcome to The Organizational Health Collective

Learn, grow, and change the world of work together.

We are a community dedicated to learning and growth, seeking to enhance our expertise as Organizational Health Consultants and Practitioners and to be connected to others committed to the advancement of the Organizational Health Movement.

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Support. Professional Growth. Network. Best Practices. Shared Resources. Business Development.

Our members are Organizational Health Practitioners like you, dedicated to learning and growth, seeking to enhance our expertise as OH Consultants and Practitioners and to be connected to like-minded professionals.

A Few of Our Amazing Members


Ayako Ohtake

Ohtake Consulting


Brian Jones

Table Group

Washington D.C.

Liz Lugt


Terry Wager


Aliso Westerlind

Alison Westerlind

Ascent Consulting


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    We are not for everyone.

    This is a group committed to living out our values.

    Our Values
  • We are Organizational Health Nuts! - We really believe Organizational Health is the biggest difference maker for creating better companies and lives (We're ALL-IN!)

  • We are Naked Practitioners - (No not physically!) in our vulnerability, authenticity and humility with our clients. [See the book "Getting Naked" by Patrick Lencioni]

  • We are Growth Focused - Wanting to learn and grow ourselves and wanting to help others learn and grow.

  • We are World-Changers! - We want to see the Organizational Health Movement sweep the globe transforming the world of workā€”one company at a time!

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    Real testimonials.

    The "real" is in case you think we make our testimonials up. We don't.

    "Solid support for me as I build my org health consulting practice."

    "I'm able to send messages to the group when I'm stuck or looking for ideas. The members are so generous and jump in to provide a helping hand. We share documents, best practices and celebrate the ups and downs of our business together.

    Charity Medina

    Charity Medina Leadership + OPS Consulting
    "Without this group I'd be screwed!"

    "I wouldn't be able to do this large of a consulting engagement, because I wouldn't have anywhere to pull enough capable consultants from. It allows me to even consider these larger engagements."

    Brian Jones

    The Table Group & Brian Jones Consulting
    Washington D.C.
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