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Value Details:

What is the Value Proposition of the Organizational Health Collective?

I appreciate this question about defining the value for this group. It is a great exercise that I wish I had done sooner. To be honest with you, personally I think the value of this group dwarfs the cost by a great deal, but I’ll let each of you decide for yourselves. 


I will tell you though that we did not at all attempt to price this group based on value, if we had, we honestly would have priced it significantly higher. In fact, we merely priced it based on meeting expenses. The one-time only fee to join the community is set merely to help offset the initial costs of building it and the monthly fees are merely to cover the costs of running it each month. That’s it. I don’t intend this to be a profit making venture. My goal is to cover my costs to provide it. (My wife and I actually did any and all of the work on things that we had the ability to do in order to keep the costs down.)


Personally for me this group has been invaluable in helping me take 25+ years of organizational leadership and using OH principles in a leadership role and as a mentor to leaders of other organizations (not charging for it as a consultant would) and translating that to life as an external consultant. There is so much correlation, but yet so many of the details of the consulting side that it has been helpful to have others around to ask about. That has given me a passion for this group and it being there to help others. 


As far as what is a part of the membership that will add value I’ll first say from a high level that the goals are really connection and training


The details of that breakdown like this:


Training: (Non-Member Driven)

1. Monthly large group training events: these can be wide ranging in nature from having a guest presenter like a Table Group PC which we have done on several occasions, to an expert in a helpful and related field like Marketing, Lead Generation, etc., or Experts in a specific area like we are about to have in October with our Internal Practitioner Panel which includes Industry L&D professionals from Southwest Airlines, Marek, Texas Tech University, and Baker Electric, and sometimes it will be events that have a peer coaching focus on a topic where that will be more helpful. 

2. Training Workshops - These events are designed around specific training topics where a tool or resource and its use will be reviewed by a skilled facilitator and one or multiple small groups will then work on being further equipped in its use.

3. Basic Level Training Course Modules - These are asynchronous courses built around the specific needs of our members. We already three courses in the works that we plan to release over the first few months and are working on another potential addition.


Additional Training (Member contributions will be a key part and the primary value add will be the collection, collation and centralized availability, as well as the additions to these resources that go above and beyond those contributions from the community.)

4. Toolboxes - these will be where tools and resources shared by members of the community are sorted and made available, as well as other tools and resources we will be working on creating and adding to the mix as well. 

5. Collated Topical Conversation Forum - Within the Coaches Corner space we coordinate our conversations based on OH and Business related topics using hashtags to make them easily searchable, so you can quickly find information related to particular topics of interest and benefit from the collective wisdom of the community. 


There will be further opportunities for training that are not listed here. That is because they will likely have an additional cost due to costs associated with them. Those include Masterminds, Coaching Groups, Higher Level Course Modules, etc. The opportunity to be a part of these will only be available to members of the OH Collective Community. 


On the horizon as possibilities that may be developed are:

· A Podcast for Members

· An Annual Conference

·  A Certification Program

·  A Lead Generation Program

·  An Internship Program


On the Community side the Value is the ability of one to join into a group that has come together for a common purpose and to share in a journey together, share resources, encourage one another, work together, etc. 


The ultimate end goals of our Community efforts are Partnerships and Referral Networks. We want to build relationships where our people know one another well enough that they feel comfortable calling one another up to come join them to work with them on an offsite, or to call them up and entrust them with a client they are unable to help, but need someone else who can. To attain these levels of relationships we provide the following community building services:

1. A platform that allows us to interact easily with one another through personal chat, group chat, video, events, etc. 

2. Connectional and Networking Events - These events are intended to allow us to get to know one another, and our work better. They will include events like After hours, Happy Hours, Lunch Gatherings, Regional Meetups, Interest Based Groups, etc. much of this will take greater shape based on the input of members as we determine how we want to focus our groups, (ie geography, interests, industry focus, external consultants / Internal Practitioners, etc.) 

3. A Mobile App - This allows us to interact with the ease we are used to with social media, and to do so in spaces that do not take away from other aspects of our lives, such as when sitting in a waiting room, riding a train, waiting in an airport, riding in a taxi / uber, or any other time that you don’t have normal activities to be doing. 

4. Interactive activities, challenges, get to know one another questions, self reflection exercises, and other feedback opportunities to help you grow connection with others, self-awareness, and slow down to reflect and grow from your experiences. 

5. A dedicated community manager to help promote connection and encourage dialogue. 

These are just the beginning and starting place. One of the things we love about this new platform is its ability to grow and expand with us. So as we continue to expand on the ways we connect and do training the platform will be able to expand and support us as we do. 


I hope this helps show you why I would say I think this offer has a value that is worth more than the cost. 


I have fought hard to keep this affordable and accessible, because I do not want cost to keep people who share our vision, values and passion from being able to be connected to this community and get the training they need.


Finally, To give you further insight into the group, and my heart for it to help all of us to become Organizational Health Experts and to be connected in Partnerships and a trusted Referral Network, I have recruited a group of people to serve as an advisory council to help guide the group forward. I’m honored to have each of them for input, assistance, guidance, and accountability. They are a gift to me and to this membership community and will be active in it for all involved to get to benefit from as well. 


I sincerely hope you will join us on this journey. If you have more questions I did not answer please do not hesitate to ask me.

 With Excitement for this new Journey,


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