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Advancing the Organizational Health Movement Together

Here is the latest video:

Planning for Success in Business and Life

Recorded: December 2023

Have you wished you were better at planning?

Have you dreamt of someone with amazing planning skills taking over the planning for you?

We can't provide an administrative assistant for you, but we can offer you an opportunity to hear from someone who is amazing at planning. How’s that sound?

I (Doug) sat at a table full of consultants with her less than a month ago and heard her share how she manages being an extremely in demand Table Group Consultant and makes sure her daughter knows she is her priority by being at events her daughter wants her at. That takes some great principles and planning! 

At another point I heard her share about missing the recent Table Group PC gathering and when someone asked her why she said, "because I had an offsite that was planned for the same dates and it was planned a year in advance." I thought, "Wow! I'd like to be that planned out that I have offsites set up a year in advance."

So, I asked Table Group PC Amie Gamboian if she would come and share with us how she goes about planning for her business and life. Amazingly, our date was free on her calendar. She was kind enough to agree to join us and share her secret sauce. 

This video is full of wonderfully helpful principles and guidance on planning for your business and life. Enjoy!

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This event is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a monthly gathering of members of The Organizational Health Collective. We are community of Organizational Health Practitioners (External Consultants, Internal Practitioners, Business Leaders and Owners) who truly believe that Organizational Health is the biggest difference maker for creating better companies and lives.

We have chosen to work together toward seeing it happen. As a Collective we are seeking to grow in our expertise as Organizational Health experts, to grow as a community of partnership and encouragement, and to grow the Organizational Health Movement together.

We would love for you to join us on this journey. There is a nominal cost to join the collective and for ongoing membership which goes to cover operating it. If you click the button below it will take you there. Once there, joining is a two step process. The first is to pay the initial one time fee of $550 to join the network. Once you have done that, you will need to click on "Team Check In" to pay your initial monthly fee of $150 to join the membership spaces, which will allow you to enter into all the various spaces to interact with the community members and tools and resources.

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